Two ways to get on air


Leasing space on one of our existing towers is the most cost-effective and time-efficient way of getting a site on air. Tower sharing offers you a number of benefits:

  • Optimal site locations. With access to more than 6,500 towers in prime locations across Africa, you can readily improve the quality and reach of your coverage.
  • Capital preservation. You can save more than US$150,000 in new-build capital expenditures by co-locating on one of our towers.
  • Speed to market.
  • Operating efficiencies. You can reduce maintenance, overhead and other operating costs by as much as 25 percent.
Helios Towers Africa tower with multiple colocated tenents

Build To Suit (B2S)

If we don't already have a co-location tower site that meets your needs, you have another lease option: Build To Suit. Choose from our extensive range of site options and we will build your new tower within specified site rings and timelines.

Helios Towers Africa bts site

Either way, you win

More than anything, you want to be on towers that operate efficiently and reliably.

That's precisely what we ensure.

Helios Towers Africa has unparalleled experience in managing tower assets across Africa. We do one thing – operate towers – so we do it exceptionally well. Whether you choose tower sharing or B2S, you get an on-air experience that is as efficient, and effortless for you, as possible.

  • The most uptime. We are committed to delivering best-in-class uptime.
  • An expert ground team. Our highly trained staff is virtually all local. They know the area, they know the resources and they know the cultural nuances.
  • A proactive approach. Our Network Operations Centers enable us to remotely monitor, control and address any site-related problems.
  • Operational excellence. To put it simply: we make sure the power is on, the site is maintained, the security is in effect 24 x 7, and the systems are in place.
Helios Towers Africa tower management

In short, the best partner to manage all aspects of your tower operation is Helios Towers Africa. To talk to us about your needs,

just get in touch.