The use of wireless technology is exploding

In 2000, 16 million people in Africa were mobile subscribers. Today, the number is over 500 million. Clearly, an increase of this magnitude will require a much more extensive and robust wireless infrastructure.

In fact, based on these growth levels and no increase in the sharing of telecom towers, the number of towers in Africa will need to double from the current number of 100,000.

Helios Towers Africa is already helping to facilitate this growth in coverage, as well as capacity requirements of mobile network operators. We have operations in Ghana, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo and own a portfolio of over 6,500 towers in those countries. Through co-location on these sites and build-out of new sites, we provide cost-effective service for all of the continent’s major telecom operators as well as ISPs, government organizations, and broadcasters.

We are proud to be playing a significant part in the delivery of economic, social and political benefits to Africa and its people through the spread of wireless communication.

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